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Individual and Group lessons avail. 

  • Does your child enjoy his/her violin lessons?

  • Is your child just blindly following the teacher’s instructions without knowing WHY?

  • Does he/she have a joy for music?

  • Is your child not experiencing a breakthrough in his/her violin lessons?

  • In the lessons, is your child’s musicality and creativity developed?

Did you know that MUSIC is a language with 4 Elements - Pitch, Time, Dynamics, Timbre – and they interact with each other to tell a story?  

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The violin is the smallest and highest-pitched string instrument, and yet it is one of the most popular instruments to learn! Portable and light to carry around, it is used in almost all genres of music, from classical through to pop and jazz!

Here at Studio Verve, let’s start by getting rid of the myth: if you want to play the violin,  you don’t have to start at an early age. True, if you want to be the Nigel Kennedy , it helps if you begin when you are young, but here in Studio Verve,  we believe that students at any age can learn to play the violin, and play it well. All it takes is time and commitment. The course covers

·      Posture

·      Correct performance stance - holding the violin and bow

·       scales

·       pieces

·       ensemble playing

·      music theory

·      Ear training

·      Twice-yearly Performance Recitals

Classes are tailored to build skills methodically and thoroughly, but in a relaxed and fun atmosphere – from holding the instrument and bow, to learning proper finger placement and developing a sense of pitch –  you don’t need any previous knowledge whatsoever to enjoy learning the violin.

Slowly, you’ll gradually pick up all the skills you need, by acquiring knowledge in manageable bite-sized chunks. Our teachers will help you to build up your aural, visual and muscular memories until you can instinctively handle the required physical actions simultaneously.

We will also teach you comprehensive music theory and ear training - so that you have everything you require to make great music with your fiddle! .


Group Classes for Violin are available and greatly encouraged!! We believe that group learning is one of the most effective ways to teach children about music and instill positive  attitudes towards both music and learning. A group class provides children with the opportunity to make music together with friends, sharing common goals and skill, which in turn also encourages and promotes understanding and social skills.

Twice yearly performance recitals  are  strongly encouraged and assessment and feedback on student progress is achieved through  external examination bodies like  Trinity Guildhall and Associated Board of the Royal School of Music examinations and a Studio Verve Progress Report Notebook filled in by the teacher and parents

studio verve’s four fundamentals

Here at Studio Verve, our Unique Teaching Method ensures these FOUR IMPORTANT FUNDAMENTALS are imparted to your child: 
1. Playing Music is Story-Telling  

Not many music schools and piano teachers themselves, are aware that there are FOUR crucial elements involved in the process of telling the story of the music – Pitch, Time, Dynamics, Timbre. Here at Verve Studio, we make sure these elements are consistently applied, as the students play and execute a piece.  
2. Playing Music Should be Fun!  

Most parents usually often start sending their children for piano lessons hoping to get a good head start to a fruitful musical learning journey. 

Sadly, this journey is often cut way too early as there are many music teachers and schools that focus on only exam material, hence leading to ‘tough and boring’ lessons and eventually loss of interest. 

Many students who lose interest find lessons ‘tough and boring’ as they are forced to learn what they dislike and spend long hours repeating tough techniques meaninglessly.  

Don’t you agree that music lessons should be fun and exciting, continuously sparkling children’s desires to keep exploring and developing their skills, rather than feeling like it’s a drag and just another meaningless and boring class? 

What would truly motivate your child is the space to express their creativity, emotions and natural talents through sincere musical expression.   
At Studio Verve, this is the most important element that we want to impart. The ability to play a piece of music should be delivered with joy and ease, not because you are desperately trying to get a Distinction. Here at Studio Verve, we believe Music is a gift, and to be delivered in service to others – to spread Joy
3. To be a Great Musician, Versatility of Outlook is Important.  

It is also important that a child has fun learning about new musical styles (e.g classical, jazz, world music) and at the same time, play music genres that he/she often listens to. 
Here in Studio Verve, we feel it is important to get acquainted with all the different genres to broaden their perspective in how to express themselves. The different genres of music possess different attributes that a music student can use at her discretion when interpreting a piece.  For example, classical and jazz share and at the same time differ in techniques and place emphasis on different areas. Pop piano offers a classical student a less rigid approach, and a fun approach while classical piano offers a student foundational strength of fingers and physical endurance. In both cases, the multi-genre exposure enhances the student's experience and versatility.  Jazz training can add a fun performance quality and openness and also provides a strong working knowledge of the up-tempo discipline commonly used in the musical theatre and entertainment industries. Here in Studio Verve, we expose our students to Jazz and pop and other genres with a very strong foundation on classical technique


4. The Best Quality Teachers is First, Foremost and Crucial in Your Child's Journey!!  

Studio Verve believes strongly in hiring the best dedicated teachers!  Our faculty is made up of a strong combination of professional teachers with post-graduate qualifications and professional performing musicians with not only high music qualifications but years of performing experience. Our teachers command respect and are not afraid to stretch their students’ comfort zone in order to teach them how to strive toward achieving greatness. They understand that technique is essential and fundamental, and are not afraid to go back to the beginning of a method book and honour the foundations of playing a musical instrument, but more importantly, they believe in teaching that will facilitate great sense of expression  

On top of exclusive in-house teaching resources like violin and theory games to ensure that our violin lessons are fun, our lessons are structured to include Analysis, Interpretation, Composition & Techniques, and our respective faculty heads conduct quality checks every term to ensure that delivery is consistent and milestones are met. 

free transformation trial session

If you are keen in re-igniting or developing your child’s musicality and passion for music, Studio Verve is offering a TRANSFORMATION CLINIC FREE only for the first 20 signups!

For a limited time only, our music specialists will personally be sharing how your child can acquire both understanding and technical skills in our FREE TRANSFORMATION CLINIC. 

Here’s what we will be covering in our Transformation Clinic

-       Work on any piano piece of student’s choice (even if it is a beginner piece) that you have been learning/struggling with/trying to break through

-       Be inspired by learning the tools to transforming the delivery of your piece in just 1 session.

-       Be amazed at your ability to create music that is powerful and moving.

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