Pop/Jazz Programmes



Pop & Jazz Piano|Keyboard

The basics of musical elements will be covered, such as the recognition of pitch, tempo, time signatures, key signatures and articulation techniques. Students will gain control over a wide range of dynamics and be introduced to harmony, scales, soloing, aural skills and more. The lessons will also cover contemporary repertoire, performance pieces, technical exercises and sight reading.



The lessons include basic terminology and note values (such as time signatures and drum set notation), snare drum techniques, accent studies and dynamics and much more. Students will learn how to coordinate and play in different rhythmic values and time signatures, such as eight and sixteen note beats and the shuffle. 


Acoustic|Electric|Bass Guitar

Acoustic Guitar

Chords, strumming techniques and finger picking will be covered along with scales, harmony and improvisation. Students will also learn how to read musical notations and develop their musical ideas. A variety of contemporary songs and popular styles will be taught. 

Electric Guitar

Scales will be covered, such as the pentatonic, major, minor, and various right hand picking techniques will be taught. Students will also learn sight reading, tab reading, chords, harmony and improvisation. Contemporary performance pieces will be included and lessons will cover technical exercises and ear tests as well.

Bass Guitar

Various musical styles will be taught and students will develop finger picking skills and learn alternating bass patterns. Key signatures, time signatures and sight reading will be covered, along with technical exercises and aural training. Students will build a repertoire of contemporary bass lines and learn how to improvise in a variety of popular styles.