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YPP presents a fun & in-depth musical experience that taps into both subconscious and conscious approaches to prepare children (3-6 years old) for their future musical endeavors through piano performance, movement, singing and theory.

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  • Are you looking for a solid music enrichment class for your child that is also full of fun and play?

  • Can’t decide what music enrichment programme to enroll your 3-6 year old?

  • Do you want to introduce your child to different styles of music in a playful way?

  • Do you want to teach your basic music concepts of pitch, rhythm and tone through games and dance?


left & right brain approach

Our Young Piano Programme (YPP) presents a fun & in-depth musical experience that taps into both subconscious and conscious ways of preparing children for their future musical endeavours, using the piano, singing, movement and theory games as the main mediums of instruction. 

We have a wholistic play-based learning approach - tapping both left and right brains with games and movement activities, to learn, understand and reinforce musical concepts in order to maintain your children’s interest while steadily embedding the musical concepts in their young brains.

Scientific research has shown that children learn best when the learning comes from a side-effect of a fun activity. Here at Studio Verve, we have created games and activities that teach the basic elements of music, e.g, pitch, time, volume and timbre, and the more difficult concepts of form, at the same time creative and free expression is encouraged.

playful & experienced teachers who love kids

Our YPP teachers love kids and have over 10 years of musical experience teaching preschool children!  Playing and guiding your child step-by-step, they are dedicated and passionate in grooming and nurturing musicians and musical aficionados of the future!
Our specialised music coaches with over 10 years of musical experience will be hand guiding your child step by step. Each of our coaches are hand-picked through a series of tough interview processes. This is because what we are looking in our coaches is the passion they have to groom and nurture each individual child’s musical talent. 

When children are relaxed and enjoy the process of exploring, discovering nature or creating art with other children, there can be positive social and emotional outcomes. They not only construct knowledge through an experiential exercise, but also learn to interact, communicate and build relationships with people in the environment.

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You have an option of signing up for first 4 lessons first, then you may decide if your child is benefitting,  before committing to a full term of lessons! Call 65544097 or email  or click on the “Sign Up” Button. We will get back to you and confirm your places within 48 hours and answer any further queries you have. 

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what they will learn

Skill sets:

o   Performance (techniques, musicianship, solo, ensemble, transposition, improvisation

o   Listening (appreciation, transcription, relative/perfect pitch)

o   Literacy (score-reading, history and analysis, composition)

o   Expression (interpretation, character building, musicality, creativity)

learning outcome

  • Entire duration of course - 3 years

  • At the end of the course, student will attain level equivalent to ABRSM piano grade 2

  • Milestones: graduation concert after each level (including solo and ensemble performances, perform own composition, choreography & singing)