Who are we?

Studio Verve started with a question: what does Education truly mean? The unpacking of this question has led to an institution aiming to redefine learning and the role of education in Singapore. 
At Studio Verve, we believe that education should not just be about the imparting of knowledge; it should enable us to be aware of who we truly are, and to be intrinsically motivated to pursue our own goals. 
Hence, the 2 schools of Studio Verve were formed with the purpose of enabling every individual to find his/her true self, and to take ownership of his/her life. 
*Music opens the door to one’s true self, 
*Mathematics is the language of the universe.

With Singapore’s dynamic educational landscape, it is vital to be constantly aligned with the latest syllabi and examination requirements so that students are able to unlock their maximum potentials.
We are a passionate teaching team of experienced educators who have taught in Singapore and international schools. With years of teaching experience coupled with many success stories of improving students’ learning achievements, we bring with us our passion in nurturing young minds and the desire to inspire every student at Studio Verve to bring out the very best in them. We believe in fully Engaging students to Enhance their learning process, hence enabling them to be Enlightened in the subject matters, in order to achieve musical & academic Excellence

Our Philosophy

Studio Verve is an enrichment institution that aims to redefine pedagogy in the highly-dynamic education landscape in Singapore.
Our differentiated teaching strategies and small-class sizes facilitate a learning environment that supports a thinking culture.
By utilizing our unique teaching methodology involving students' full engagement during classes, we strive to revolutionize knowledge delivery in the classroom to make teachings take place in the clearest, most comprehensible and concise manner. In this way we seek to allow students who do not perform well or even loathe these subjects to cultivate new-found interests in Music and Math, hence build confidence in these subjects and improve self-esteem in their formative years.

School of Music 

Studio Verve was created with the mission of bringing quality, versatility and inventiveness into music education. Quality in terms of curriculum structure, teachers and lesson delivery, and versatility by creating a nurturing environment encouraging exchange of musical ideas across genres to provide a well-rounded music education. Right here at Verve, we also advocate the spirit of inventiveness. For instance, we have created our very own curriculum (Young Pianists Playworld), specially designed for students here at Verve by building on well-rooted classical tradition in music education and applying it across various genres and musical styles, so as to make education relevant in today’s society. Our programs range from foundation courses for kids from 3 years old onwards, and classical and contemporary courses for all ages. We believe that music has the power to improve self-esteem and confidence, hence empowering our students and potentially changing lives.
Studio Verve provides an extensive range of quality music courses. We believe that music learning can be nurtured in anyone of any age group, and that it should be a fun and fulfilling experience.

We provide:
- Well-equipped, spacious music studios, including tutorial rooms for theory and group lessons.
- A wide variety of instrumental and academic courses taught by our qualified Teaching Associates (Bachelor & Masters' degree holders, musicians from high profile performing groups e.g. SSO)
- Periodic masterclasses and ensemble classes.
- Opportunities to perform and pick up extra skills by joining interest groups such as pop ensembles, fusion bands and acapella groups.

We believe that music lessons go beyond a regular classroom environment.
In fact there are 4 critical components necessary to help each and every student achieve their musical success.
Thus our methodology was formed to integrate these components into a unique blend of learning and entertainment.

1. Personalised Learning
All new students will receive their very own lesson and curriculum proposal designed to match your child’s learning needs. As the lessons progress, regular reviews are conducted to access solutions with our very own 'STUDIO VERVE PROGRESS REPORT BOOK' that will enhance the learning journey.
We believe every student has different needs and preferences which we adjust accordingly without losing the key learning points.

2. Dedicated and Experienced Teachers
While our teachers hold Diplomas, Master Degrees and many other Awards and experience in the musical field, it is the strong dedication to our students that make them stand out. Teaching at Verve Music School goes beyond plain theory.
Whether it's extra remedial lessons, guidance or other special needs your child may have, our teachers are there for you.

3. Live Performance
Opportunities to showcase what your child has learnt and experience the thrill of performing in front of a live audience with our annual concert organised specially for our students.
Or take it one step further and join our repertoire of events and activities with our network of local and international performers.

4. 360-degree Education
Helping your child build up their skills continues outside the classroom and back at home. Naturally we understand that many parents like yourself lack the knowledge to help them.
We’ll empower you with professional advice throughout your child’s journey on the various things you can do to help them everyday.

School of Mathematics

Studio Verve believes in the 4E’s:
*Engaging students to *Enhance their learning process, hence enabling them to be *Enlightened in the subject, in order to achieve academic *Excellence
We strive to achieve the 4E’s through our unique Personal Empowerment Programme (PEP) which focuses on 3 stages – Self-Awareness, Self-Motivation and Effective Learning. 
The first stage of Self-Awareness allows us to help students identify their strengths and weaknesses and this serves as a starting point for Self-Motivation (Stage 2). 
Self-Motivation inspires students to do their very best not just only in academics but also all they pursue in life. With both the Self-Awareness and Self-Motivation covered, teachers can then help students to achieve Effective Learning.

At Studio Verve, we strive to nurture our students to be thinkers, learners, and achievers. Our pedagogy is structured not only with academic achievements in mind - it is our mission for every student to acquire the core cognitive skills of thinking critically and innovatively to serve as their foundation for learning of Math and Science. Our differentiated teaching strategies devised by our qualified and experienced, coupled with small-class sizes, facilitate a nurturing environment that supports a thinking culture.

With years of teaching experience, we firmly believe the key in knowledge delivery lies in our ability to attain and retain students’ attention in class, and to dissect novel and complex concepts and problems using systematic and concise methods. By utilizing our unique teaching methodologies involving students' full engagement during classes, we aim to revolutionize knowledge delivery in the classroom to make teachings take place in the clearest, most comprehensible manners, in order to ensure our students’ complete understanding of their subject matters.

Our comprehensive curriculum is complemented by complete sets of lecture notes, practice questions and presentation slides that are specially designed by Studio Verve - encompassing all topics covered under MOE Syllabi for each subject to ensure complete understanding of subject matter by students of Verve Academy.

Our Personal Empowerment Programme is a systematic and holistic approach that helps students to improve self-awareness, so as to become independent and motivated learners in the field of Math and Science. Over three stages, students will learn to develop an ideal learning environment for themselves. They will also learn to exercise self-management and think critically, hence be motivated learners to enhance exam performances, and more importantly be empowered individuals in the near future.
Core Values
1.  To nurture our students to be thinkers, learners, and achievers
2.  Revolutionize knowledge delivery in the classroom to make teachings take place in the clearest, most comprehensible and concise manner.
3.  Cultivate new-found interest in Mathematics among students, hence build confidence in these subjects and improve self-esteem in their formative years.